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Default Re: Anyone Watch The Game Tonight?

Without a few diamonds in the rough this team is going to be really bad, so I think it is important that a few of them step up and hopefully get a chance. Daye looks like he's been taking advantage of the opportunity. I think Monroe is going to be solid. I haven't seen anything out of Charlie yet. The coaches all said how good he was and how much he trained this offseason and yet there's no production out of him, even with Jerebko out. Now I'm not going to freak out yet because it's just the preseason, but if he can't do well now I can't imagine he will in the regular season. He's got an opportunity to make this go one of two ways, really good or really bad. I'm begining to think it's going to be another season on the bench for him.

Also with T-Mac sitting out another game it's starting to look like the signing of him was for marketing purposes and to put some butts in the seats.... you know the casual fans who don't know much about basketball. Again with him, if he's not good enough and healthy enough to play now I just don't see it happening. That clears up some of the SG and PF log jam. I'm sure Joe D would pull the trigger on a deal, he just needs something decent. That will clear the rest of it up.
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