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Nazr and Flip any one????

you know that would be an exact move petrie calls "the right move"

his moves dnt mean Sh*1.... all they are, are bench moves.... bringing bench players who can start on this horrible sac team

Bibby nor Brad either Ron will be moved

guys like cisco hart mo kenny SAR and Corliss cant forget Pot
their wont be any kind of "wow" moves(in a good way ofcourse) this roster will only get tweaked, basically the same but with Flip and Nazr on the squad

guys like Foster Marquees, hayes booth, alston howard, etc
never guys like Caron Butler, delonte west, RJ, etc.

so when a move is striked please dnt get your hopes up high thinking draft picks (maybe expirings) nothing more nothing less...JUST POINTLESS "BENCH MOVES"
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