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Originally Posted by BradMiller52
Actually he had an interview on KHTK 1140 got into that argument with Hart's agent. It's on He basically said that if the team continues to lose than blowing up the team will become unavoidable. Then in the Bee article I just posted he sounded like he's definitely not happy with Musselman. I actually think that there may be some big moves on the horizon.
yeah i heard the interview but its petrie men!!

i've noticed about him when he says things in codes, Moves from the Horizon never occurs but when he's tight lipped and wants to keep things then u know for sure a move is on the horizon!

mark my words when we do make a deal whether it being today or by the deadline...jus dnt look for any of the big three to be moved....especially if we dnt get an "allstar" type calibre player in return ......This quote should be stickied;) lol
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