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Originally Posted by RedBlackAttack
Arenas is a nice player, but he went from being underrated to overrated seemingly overnight. Can Gilbo do any wrong these days? He is the new media darling and I sense a backlash coming because of it.

I've said many times before... I really don't think Gilbo is all that arrogant. I just think he is a weird guy and he says some off-the-wall things sometimes. He has always come off as a complete oddball.

exactly. i think that's what i'm trying to say. he's an excellent player but he's not underrated anymore. the media and fans everywhere are suddenly all over him and i have heard and read from several places that he's currently the top player in the league (tell me you haven't heard that). I think he's always been confident in his abilities but now that he's getting recognition from the media and fans, he's like an overnight celebrity.. partying it up.. but hopefully, he'll stay grounded through all of this.

I was expecting to get a long answer from Geewiz, but i haven't seen one yet, lol.. As i was thinking about the fact that i'm bound to get a response from him sooner or later, I think that Gil is or was somewhat similar to geewiz in his posting ability. in the sense that he's always believed that he's one of the greatest, but now it'll be interesting to see how he responds to it. can you imagine if everyone started to agree with Geewiz and tell him he's the greatest ISH poster alive? lol
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