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Originally Posted by shadow
for some reason he's getting away with the "arrogant" comments and not being called on them. Hey maybe he'll be like shaq and get a pass on saying dumb things because he's a funny, affable guy. Its all good though. IMO it is entertaining and he's certainly backing it up on court for now.

Maybe Shaq gets a pass from others for what he says but not from me. The stuff he says is worse than Gilbert, Kobe, Damon Jones, and Freddie Mitchell combined, lol.

Like seriously, the guy has said he's better than Wilt, Kareem, etc., he said he's the best player in the league hands down, he took all the credit for "handing down the reigns" to DW last year and instead of saying the guy just took it himself he says sh!t like, "oh, he's humble. i told him he was gonna take it and that's what he did. he listens to me. he takes orders, he's my little beyatch basically, lol.
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