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Originally Posted by haterofhaters
agreed. Shaq's likability does help him get away with his statements. If Kobe was saying half the stuff that Shaq has said, he'd be hated a million times more than he is now.

Gilbert also has the likability factor at this point, but I do think that if people really thought long and hard about it, not everything he says is a joke. He might say it in such a way that it always seems like it, but it's not.

For example, put Gil in Kobe's shoes for the 81 point game. Gil might get away with saying.. Oh, it was the best scoring input in nba history, better than Jordan, creeping up on wilt. And could be like, well i'm definitely a better scorer than Larry Legend.. and every1 would laugh. But how would we know what he really thought? Whereas if Kobe said that, even with a smile, ppl would definitely be like.. Kobe doesn't joke. He means it and he's an arrogant son of a b*tch. Know what i mean?
No argument. I agree he is arrogant but since he's the new guy ont he block for now he's funny. Eventually it will get old for me. Whether the media keeps giving him a pass or not, we will see.
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