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Originally Posted by Hutch13
Few questions where is Brandon Roy predicted to go to and what teams are high on him?
Who is interested in trades with the rockets besides trailblazers?

A few of other trades that have been rumored are...

- Hornets/Rockets: Some combination of J.R. Smith, #12, #15 (2 of the 3) for Houston's #8.

- Timberwolves/Rockets: Wolves #6 for Rockets #8 and Luther Head.

- Magic/Rockets: Magic's #11 and DeShawn Stevenson for Rockets #8.

As a Rockets fan I rank them as follows:

1. Portland trade
2. New Orleans/Ok City trade
3a. Minnesota trade
3b. Orlando trade

This is such a crazy draft that it's hard to say where anyone falls, but I would expect Roy to be there at #4, maybe #6. Personally I think it would take a miracle for him to fall to #8. I would have to guess that the Bobcats, Blazers, and Timberwolves would have the most interest besides Houston.
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