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Default For every good thing Isiah Thomas has done .. there's a bad thing!

: for every good thing Isiah Thomas has done, there is a bad thing. Let's look over it shall we????

Good Thing: Trading for Stephon Marbury +20

Bad Thing: Trading for Steve Francis -30

Good Thing:Trading Kurt Thomas for Quenton Richardson +10

Bad Thing: Signing Fat Bastard Jerome James, and trading for Jalen Rose -3,0000,0000,0000

Good Thing: Trading for Eddy Curry +10

Bad Thing: Giving up 1rst Overall Draft Picks for it! -80

Good Thing: Drafting Nate Robinson, Channing Frye, David Lee and Renaldo Balman <-- Yes it's a good thing! +20

Bad Thing: Drafting Mardy Collins and passing up Marcus Williams for Balkman when you know you could of had him later in the draft! -30

Good Thing: Letting Herb Williams be interm coach. +5.

Bad Thing: Hiring Lenny Wilkens, and Larry Brown to a $50 Mill for how many years???? -1,000.

Good Thing: Isiah Thomas is the coach. +10

Bad Thing: Isiah Thomas is the GM. Priceless
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