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Originally Posted by j Fresh
: for every good thing Isiah Thomas has done, there is a bad thing. Let's look over it shall we????

Good Thing: Trading for Stephon Marbury +20

Bad Thing: Trading for Steve Francis -30

Good Thing:Trading Kurt Thomas for Quenton Richardson +10

Bad Thing: Signing Fat Bastard Jerome James, and trading for Jalen Rose -3,0000,0000,0000

Good Thing: Trading for Eddy Curry +10

Bad Thing: Giving up 1rst Overall Draft Picks for it! -80

Good Thing: Drafting Nate Robinson, Channing Frye, David Lee and Renaldo Balman <-- Yes it's a good thing! +20

Bad Thing: Drafting Mardy Collins and passing up Marcus Williams for Balkman when you know you could of had him later in the draft! -30

Good Thing: Letting Herb Williams be interm coach. +5.

Bad Thing: Hiring Lenny Wilkens, and Larry Brown to a $50 Mill for how many years???? -1,000.

Good Thing: Isiah Thomas is the coach. +10

Bad Thing: Isiah Thomas is the GM. Priceless

I had to quote it. Most of It looks good.

1) I believe Mardy can play. Wasn't bad for temple. Defense minded.
2) '06 years draft wasn't that good and still did OK. Top 10 are potential only.
3) '07 Draft has even more potential, and we won't be a bottom feeder by seasons end. We WILL be vying for a playoff spot.

Zeke lost street cred for signing both JJ's They play like garbage
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