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Default Re: official manga/anime thread

Originally Posted by simcjt
How is darker than black? I saw it was on Netflix but haven't checked it out.

It's my favorite newer anime. It's a slow burn type show with a lot of good stuff in it. Good action (never really overstated. Not like DBZ fights but a little more down to Earth), good political stuff. It's hard to follow until the end though but... it all works out in the end. The main character is interesting because his motives always seem in question. It's tough to explain you'd have to see it.

The only issue is that the second season actually poses more questions than are answered and now it looks like they won't pick it up again. So now there's a lot of questions. Actually stand alone the first season resolves more... You prob have the first 5 ep on there and they start kinda slow but I def recommend it.
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