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Default Re: Spurs ranked 5th !

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But yeah, I had Spurs in my top 5 this year too, just barely cracking the top 5, but still (Lakers, Heat, Magic, and arguably Celtics above them)

I'm not worried about their formula. . .clearly it's worked ever since they've come into existance. Let's not forget that San Antonio actually has the second best all time NBA franchise team record right now. They passed up the Celtics for the #2 spot a few years ago. Only the Lakers are ahead of them in all time winning% (Not surprising considering how many high class free agents have gone to play for them over the years. Wilt, Kareem, Shaq the most glaring. All of which resulted in titles. 5 from Kareem, 3 from Shaq. Then there's the fact that they basically started with Mikan. 4 of the best 10 centers ever were Lakers. 3 from free agency

SA is doing a good job. They've historically been the best team in league with it's drafting, coaching, and putting together of players. Yeah they've had no luck drawing free agents like the other juggernaut teams have, but we didn't need it.

Look who we've sneaked onto the team through the draft. Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili, Tiago Splitter, DeJuan Blair, James Anderson (he's basically a slightly smaller but quicker Antoine Walker. At least I hope). Not to mention we also drafted Luis Scola. . .but could never get him to come over and play for us.

The only thing I'm worried about is Duncan, as he's the one guy we'll never be able to replace. Ginobili is borderline not replaceable either (realistically), but not on the level of Duncan.

I think we should have another strong shot at the title this season, followed by 1 more season of being a playoff team but without a legitimate shot at a title. At that point, I have no idea what will happen since that's when Duncan's current deal is up. Whether he retires at that point (being 36), or signs a two year extension to play as a lesser role. . .I can't predict. Either way, the next one or two seasons are likely going to be the last two decent seasons for the Spurs before having to deal with a couple crap seasons.

Maybe Pop will tank another season after Duncan goes to try and get a high draft pick again. It's worked before anyway.
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