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Default Re: Tennessee Vols Basketball 2011 Season

Originally Posted by TheGame414
My sentiments exactly. There are exactly two teams in college basketball, with Robbie Hummel out that will deserve to be disappointed if they miss the Final Four: Duke and Michigan State. And even they have their question marks.

Oh, and any coach who says he's going to play a 12-man rotation is full of shit, which, of course, Bruce Pearl is.

Tennessee will play a 12 man rotation for maybe the first 5 or 6 non-conference games while he tries to find 8 or 9 guys to be in the regular rotation. Not only that, but you can't play a 12 man rotation for an entire season and expect to make a Fina Four run. Playing 12 men means you're not allowing many of your players to get in a rhythm and risking ever getting any kind of fluidity and chemistry with a set 7 or 8 guys.

The last few years Roy Williams has tried to please too many of his players and gone with a 10 or 11 man rotation for way too long in the season. His best teams at UNC never went more than 7 or 8 deep unless someone got in serious foul trouble. Bruce Pearl may be s cheater but I would like to think even he has the brains to know that getting a 12 man rotation to successfully work over the course of a season is nearly impossible.
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