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Default Re: Does Daye Start At PF?

Originally Posted by dd24
Daye has clearly been the best scorer in the preseason though. He has the height. If we're looking at a lineup of Stuckey, Hamilton, Prince, Daye, and Wallace, there's actually a lot of length in a lineup like that. After seeing what I have so far, I think it's his spot to lose. It's also a good way to showcase his talents. Or maybe if something happened closer to the trade deadline when Jerebko was getting healthy he might be the young talent that gets put into a deal because Daye proves himself. Any way around it, I think in order for the Pistons to pull off a trade it will have to include someone like Daye, Jerebko, or Bynum. Since we have so many PF's now that we have Monroe in the mix of things too, I think it might need to be someone from that position. Next year we won't have a lot of SF's under contract so I don't see Joe D necessarily trading one of those unless he feels really good about resigning someone for the long term.

I doubt we end up trading one of our young players personally. Maybe Summers, but the rest will be given a chance here first. JJ is hurt, Daye doesn't have enough value yet and Bynum is a key piece right now.

Sure, that lineup has a lot of length and scoring, but I think you would just get pounded on by any sort of size. Daye is just too scrawny and weak. He can play PF for a few minutes here and there, but he's a wing player for the most part IMHO. I'd much rather see him groomed to be the SF of the future when Prince is gone.
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