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sure. the guys on the street aren't the same size as him either. suspension wasn't on his mind when he threw the ball at him and took that sissy swipe while backpeddling?? kg is tough when it comes to playing basketball with little injuries, but just b/c he says the word motha****a 1000 times a game doesn't mean that he's an ultimate fighter. regardless, he's a heck of a basketball player and all props for that. but to those guys that want to keep bringing up that kg is one tough gangsta and at the same time make fun of mello, reallity check. when you're 6 foot 11 and weigh 220lbs, there ain't a lot of muscle on you. i'm 6'1 and weight 220 and it ain't fat either. kg is way overrated as an off the court tough guy. treat him the same as melo.

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