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Default Re: Okur getting healthy, may be back somewhat sooon

Should the Jazz trade him for a defensive Center to play with Big Al? If yes, who could be available?

Good luck unloading his contract. More than 20 million for the next two years for a one dimensional player who should be a back-up.

Nobody is available

Thank you Mr. GM for the inside report. You really think Elson and Fessenko were the best guys available?

I doubt anyone is taking Okur coming off of an Achilles injury

Can't see anyone wanting him anyway. Last year was the year to dump him before they gave him that horrible extension.

Plus he fits well with Utah anyway.

He fit better when their 2 guard couldn't shoot. Now not so much.

He plays good post D

As long as the other guy isn't mobile.

is one of the only guys who can space the floor

They have several guys now.
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