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Default Re: Anthony Wroten to Huskies?

Originally Posted by Ikill
Yeah Myck Canadian!!! But have you seen him can you fill me in on whats so special about him he seems really nonathletic.
Haven't seen him in person though I'm hoping to this year.

The reason Kabongo seems unathletic is because over the last couple years people have gotten spoiled by Derrick Rose and John Wall. Kabongo has excellent end to end speed and first step burst. That speed is deceptive because Kabongo plays a very controlled game and moves at "different gears" as needed.

What makes Kabongo some a good prospect is he is a "real" PG. It's not a situation where he is learning the position or is just a "small" scorer. Kabongo knows how to run an offense, keep all his guys involved, and create mismatches in freeleance offense.

Some people find his demeanor on the floor a bit brash or abrasive but personally as long as that stuff is directed to the opposition and not his team or coaches I don't mind it.
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