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Marbury is playing better now than he ever did. In the past it was all scoring for him. Now, he is running the team better than he ever has. Lots of coaches have tried to teach him and it finally sunk in. First time in his career that he is making his players better by finally learning when to pass and when to score.

In addition, he is playing tough defence on the premier players.

Losing him for any length of time could hurt the Knicks progress and chances of a playoff berth.

But, it might help the progress of Nate and Mardy.

As was evident when Indy applied pressure when he left the game -- nobody on the knicks can handle the ball as well as Marbury.

Crawford can play PG in a pinch if Marbury is injured. But nobody on the Knicks is playing as well as Marbury.

Steve Francis is rehabbing and may get bought out.

Thanks to all for welcoming me back.

Congrats to Handle the Rock on being appointed the Knicks Mod.

Why the Kidd icon? Are you also the Nets mod?
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