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Default Isiah a lock to stay? .... Say it aint so

Barring an unforeseen collapse and taking into account how smitten Dolan is with Thomas, once the Knicks crack 30 wins, Thomas is a lock to receive an extension. Some believe that Dolan already has made the decision to keep Thomas.

I swear if Isiah stays...I aint a knick fan anymore. He honestly doesnt have any clue on how to run a team. Id rather Dolan pick some fan out of the stands and make him GM. I mean could we do any worse? :

There are many reasons why the Knicks have enjoyed more success under Thomas. I'm just not buying the theory that it all comes down to better team chemistry. The Knicks opened 2006 with a six-game winning streak, beating Phoenix and Dallas along the way. Stephon Marbury had bought into Brown's system and was playing at a high level before suffering a left shoulder injury.

Marbury also sat out with a bum knee. From Jan.18 through the end of the season, the Knicks' best player missed 22 games and the team went 5-17 without him.

Chemistry had nothing to do with Eddy Curry showing up grossly out of shape and missing 10 games due to injury and illness. The Knicks went 3-7 without Curry. Is chemistry the reason why David Lee is so valuable to the Knicks or is it that he is stronger, better and a year wiser? Obviously if Thomas knew what to expect from Lee, he never would have given Jared Jeffries $30 million.

I couldnt agree anymore with this comment.
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