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Default Re: How many times does your order get screwed up in the drive thru!

Originally Posted by Tarik One
Something when you check your order they have an attitude about it as if you've offended them.
One time last year me and a few buddies went to wendy's at like 1 in the morning after smoking an L. I repeated 'no cheese' for my sandwich like 5 times and was sure they would **** it up. So the mexican guy handed me the bag and I looked at him with a facial expression that prolly said 'you better not have messed this up'. He stared back at me. Then I looked in the bag at my sandwich and saw they made it right. I looked back at him and he winked at me like 'yea bitch we got your order right, now get out of here.' I was just laughin as we pulled away.
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