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Originally Posted by Chalkmaze
"People actually think this Jazz team is capable of winning a championship? Incredible. We have some dumb people here."

"3. Bring the Rockets in and I have my blinders on? Uh, you brought them in, man. Jesus, are you THAT stupid?"

"Shut your fu*king mouth until you get a clue as to what the fu*k you're talking about."

"if you want to learn a thing or two about me before you starting posting nonsense."

"Because you're a punk"

"You clearly lack the mental intelligence to grasp this."

A*S*S*H*O*L*E... Have a half-way respectful conversation and you and/or the other person might learn something.

First off, anything could happen and the Jazz have a very slim outside shot, second off the promise land doesn't have to be this year as THIS team is young and are very likely to get much better, but without AK it would be that much more of a narrow chance. But I don't even want to get into it with you... You're not worth trying to have a conversation with.
First quote was to no one in particular, just a general statement.

The other quotes were directed at someone who was trying to offend me, not someone who was "trying to make decent conversation".

Now I think the difference is quite clear. Obviously, not to you. Of course, I had to break it down for you just like I have to do with many of these other idiots.

^^^ That is why I'm infinitely more irritable, Icemanfan. The stupidity just gets to me. I don't have the patient to deal with it at work and then again on this message board. Sue me, fu*kers. I could honestly care less what most of you think.
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