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Default Huge Wiki leaks bombshell coming...

(CNN) -- WikiLeaks is at it again.

The site will soon publish 400,000 secret documents that are expected to give a never-before-seen, uncensored view of the Iraq War. A source close to WikiLeaks said the material covers the period from 2004 through 2009 -- nearly the entirety of the conflict, which began in 2003. On August 31, President Obama declared the combat mission in Iraq over.

The number of documents in this anticipated leak could dwarf the Afghan War Diary which WikiLeaks published in July. The massive, searchable database containing more than 70,000 classified documents about the Afghanistan War is regarded as the biggest intelligence leak in U.S. history and garnered international headlines.

The ground-level view of the war was a much bleaker portrait than the official one from Washington.

This impending leak could be just as revealing.

The Pentagon, which was surprised and furious about the Afghan document leak, says it's prepared this time. It's assembled a team of 120 experts who are poised to immediately begin reading any documents on the WikiLeaks site, said spokesman Col. Dave Lapan.
We're preparing for all eventualities

"We don't know how these documents might be released, when these documents might be released, in what number they might be released. So we're sort of preparing for all eventualities," he said.

looking forward to seeing all of the government guilt trips about endangering soldiers lives and patriotic idiots justifying their willful ignorance of what our government does....
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