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More like anniversary of the day the raptors played like pansies, showed no balls and wouldn't hack a guy that was running up points like that. I am pissed ot this day that no one even bothered to play tough D on him, let alone hack him when he drove to the basket. In real basketball, when a guy is going off on you, you get an enforcer in there to knock him hard when he goes to the rim so that he'll think twice about doing it again. I don't care what anyone says, I watched the game live with my friends and we all agreed that there were a few plays where Kobe (and the rest of the Lakers) were clearly just running up points to chase a record. It is at that point that the Raps should have let him know that you don't let someone take a dump on your team, and fight back.
God i am so annoyed at this game still, worst basketball I've seen in years.
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