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Originally Posted by aj242
Offense was a problem but the only way the Piston beat the Heat is with stops. Subing Webber for Wallace doesn't help that one bit.

Wade abused the Pistons 2 years in a row. That isn't going to change. I think the Pistons will score more & still lose in 6.

The Pistons even bring 2000 flashbacks out of Shaq. He averaged 22.5 & 11rebs in that series.

He has to be laughing his a@@ off at the thought of Webber guarding him.

Webber's defense isn't anywhere near as bad as tyou make It out to be. The way Flip coaches defense is he plays alot of zone so what Webber does defensively won't be too bad.

Yeah Wade will score alot, he does against whoever. The Pistons have more weapons than the Heat this season. Only reason they lost to them last year was they tired out.

You say Shaq will be laughing at Webber guarding him but who does Shaq guard? who It is they will be laughing also. Webber will have whatever he wants If Shaq is forced to guard him. Works both ways.

Shaq is seriously on the decline, I don't see him dominating anymore. Pistons are younger, have a deeper bench than a year ago and actually have a guy who can score with all the forward positions.

Heat need to add some talent otherwise I don't see them advancing.
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