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Default Re: For those that believe in Karma, what did he to deserve this ?

Originally Posted by johndeeregreen
Since it's Canada, she'll get a slap on the wrist with some community service. Honestly, if you're going to dump a baby, you might as well just kill it outright, because since we live in the North American capital of progressive pussyism you won't get more than 3 years.

Ya, as a winnipeg resident, it's no surprise crime rates just keep getting higher (highest violent crime rate in Canada now, sigh). Criminals aren't scared of anything, especially youths. Criminal juvenile justice system: where young criminals are protected.
Case in point, one of my classmates dad was killed by someone who stole a hummer and crashed into him while he was on his own drive way. The year before? same thieves killed a taxi driver through the means of a stolen vehicle. But hey, at least our police department sold the hummer in an auction, so that they could make some money!
They are being charged with manslaughter, whoop dee dooo

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