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Default Re: The psychology behind plastic surgery

Originally Posted by oh the horror
I was having a debate on another messageboard about the fact that I personally believe that people that have plastic surgery for purely cosmetic reasons are generally people that have "issues".

I was then asked the question of "if you had a wife, and she had a mastectomy (removal of one, or two breats usually for cancer) would you think it was wrong if she went and had breast implants?"

My response to that logic was that corrective surgery, to replace, and or repair a damaged and, or missing part of your body is VASTLY different than the sheer vanity of a woman that physically changes the way she looks just to "make herself feel better"

Of course, on this board, it was mostly FEMALES up in arms about this, because to me, its generally a female trait to feel like they need to constantly be beautiful for the masses....but like I said, Im of the opinion, that there is no debate....and its quite obvious that a woman, OR A MAN...that gets pure cosmetic surgery (breast implants, chin, eyes, face lift, nose job, etc) is someone that has issues with themselves.

What say you? Most of the females there thought it was "normal" and nothing wrong with it....(which is true, nothing WRONG with getting work) but the fact to me, remains true.....YOU HAVE ISSUES.

Fact, or fiction?
Everybody has issues. Everybody has insecurities.

Most people has traits that they hate about themselves. For example, those who have unusually big nose tend to hate their big nose and wish to change it. The difference is some choose to change it through surgery while some choose not to, perhaps buying glasses or getting haircut that downplay the big nose. So what is the difference between these 2 groups?
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