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Originally Posted by RAPSPURS
so who do you think will emerge as the SF in Houston?
do you still think Budinger will ultimately get the call (later in the season)?
seems like everone is getting minutes there right now.

IMO I think Shane Battier will still start at the SF position and I don't think that's changing anytime soon. Budinger is nice but his defense is not up to par with Shane's defense. Baring any injures, I think Shane will remain in the starting line up. Besides, Bundinger provides some scoring off the bench, something Shane can't do. Budinger I think also is more fit to play with the 2nd unit because he can run, and with Lowry as PG he should be able to run the fast break a little more.

Budinger should be the primary SF coming off the bench, C. Lee will probably substitute for Kevin Martin.
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