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Roy = my new fave.
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Originally Posted by The Mamba
So Kobe's athletic ability, size, and quickness is ahead of its time? Better than anyone's in the league?
Not better than anyone else's in the league, but way the crap better than any last-year Raptor hoping to guard him.
P.S. Why are you still here? This is a Kobe praise thread. If you didn't like the performance, or the man, stay out. You knew what to expect coming in here.
I'm still here because I choose to engage in the often-vain mission of injecting some rationality into the people of this board. There's nothing wrong with praising great accomplishments, and Bryant's 81 certainly was one. But that doesn't mean that you can just say anything you want in support of it and expect it to be accepted as solid knowledge/analysis.
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