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Default Re: Warner Bros. Dreaming of a Sequel to Christopher Nolanís 'Inception'?

I would support a prequel but not a sequel...

And they would probably need an entire new cast. (Although they could still use Leo, JGL, and that Tom Hardy Guy as a crew... and Michael Cane).


Maybe they could somehow end the prequel by showing COBB enter a dreamworld that is eventually the entire sequel (part 1)... thus suggesting that the top was still spinning at the end of part 1... and then maybe that could lead to a part 3.


Part 1 = Dream World (Middle)
Part 2 = Real World (Beginning)...(ends with COBB falling into dream world)
Part 3 = Real World or Dream World (End)... (starts with COBB going back from outside with his children to the Kitchen Table and realizes that his Top his still spinning)

If Nolan does it the right way he would have successfully completed two of the greatest Trilogies ever.... but deep down this Inception needs to be left alone... no prequel or sequel will be made I'm guessing... and that's a good thing.
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