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Default Re: Huge Wiki leaks bombshell coming...

Originally Posted by blondie
The media and populace will ignore this just like they ignored Climategate, where documents of scientists from the leading global warming research institute in europe admitted to faking data to make it look as if temperatures were rising when the data said different

1- Name of this research institute pls.
Because the one that was involved in this case was the Climatic Research Unit in the University of East Anglia, which is/was never leading in anything.

2- They admitted nothing. Emails were stolen, 3 scientists wrote stuff, which other scientists (from the really major climate research institutes in the world) already destroyed. 3 Independent UK investigations (and not from liberals) didn't find anything unusual from normal scientific research practices (apart from it being about climate change and that Fox News talked about it so that people like you became climate experts and began to give lectures about scientific research).
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