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Default Re: 2010 ALCS - Rangers vs Yankees

Originally Posted by Qwyjibo
100% whining.

I'm not a Yankees fan. Hell, I hate the Yankees since I live and die with the Blue Jays but there is nothing wrong with what the Yankees do every year. They are popular, they make huge revenue and they have an ownership group that tries to do everything they can to reward (spend money on players) their fans with a great team. I wish my team was run by people like that. Why shouldn't the Yankee fans want Cliff Lee on their team? He would clearly help and their ownership has proven time and time again that they are willing to go out and get players like this.

If you have the resources and are willing to use them to put a great product on the field, why not do it? It's not the Yankees fans fault that cheapskate owners like the guy who owns the Twins won't pony up more money into the team. There are many teams run by filthy rich people who just don't care about baseball as much. The Jays are one of them and we just have to deal with it. I'm pretty sure if you asked any non-Yankee fan if they could have the Yankees ownership/management for their team, they would take it.

There is no such thing as "winning in a non-competitive fashion", where do you even come up with crap like that from? Either you win or you don't.

Spoken totally like someone who doesn't live in NY and doesn't hear it day in and day out. The yankee fans don't want the yankees to put the best product they can on the field. THey want them to take every other teams best players so the other teams can't compete. Rather than beat the Rangers, they wanted the Rangers to not have a team good enough to compete with them.

I'm not against the Yankees having a competitive advantage. The key word is COMPETITIVE. The yankee fans don't want it to be competitive, they want the title handed to them in spring training by their team being just that much better than everyone else.

The dynasty yankee teams would have wanted to smash Cliff Lee's face in. The post dyansty teams would rather he be on their team because they don't think they can beat him. It's sad.

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