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Default Re: Warner Bros. Dreaming of a Sequel to Christopher Nolanís 'Inception'?

Originally Posted by Riddler

The Top is very relevant... She was trying to convince Leo that he was dreaming... like Leo had to convince Ken Wantanabe that he was dreaming.

But unless there is a sequel we will never know if she was right.

a lot of fans missed how important her role was in this movie... maybe she was the only one that got out of the dream world (very confusing stuff).

Yes we have all seen the film and understand the meaning of the top. The movie isn't confusing. the characters all SPELL out exactly what is happening and what they are thinking to dispel confusion. In fact that's one of the weak points of hte movie, too much focus on these rules of this fictious reality.

The top doesn't fall cause nolan wants to incite discussion about "omg was that the real world or not dood" The movie isn't deep or complicated enough to warrant a trilogy without it simply becoming some blatantly exploitative crap. There are much better materials about the subject than inception. The visual effects were stunning, but the relatively shallow story and its dragged out midparts make the movie not as great as people claimed it to be.
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