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Originally Posted by can goods
1. My feeling is that i dont want marbury to be out, but i think he is playing too many minutes. He is going to break down playing this many minutes.

2. He should be playing about 30 minutes a game. And to me that comes down to How Crawford and Nate are playing.

3. Nate has to give you better minutes than he has. He needs to be giving you a good 25 minutes a game or so.

But what i notice about Nate, is that if he is scoring he is into the game. He really needs to score to be effective. I am just concerned w/ marbury and q having to play so many minutes.

4. Also the key to this whole thing is Crawford. Whoever told him that he could take off the first 3 quarters of a game, and start playing real basketball in the 4th needs to be slapped. For the knicks to be effective Crawford needs to be a work horse playing 45 or so minutes a game at a high level. He is the youngest vet we have in the back court.

- Cangoods

1 & 2. I agree.

3. Nate has not been playing well since the suspension. But unless he is making a BIG difference, 25 minutes per game is too much IMHO.

4. Unfortunately Crawford is a streak shooter who is currently in a shooting slump. However, he does other things when he is not scoring, such ass making assists, steals and playing d. Even so, I don't see him playing the entire game unless Marbury is injured.
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