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Default Re: NBA 2K11 Association Mode

Originally Posted by Go Getter
No offense but that team looks pretty crappy...How are you enjoying playing with them?

Eh i don't mind it to be honest, I like putting together a below average team because it makes me think about what i'm doing more each trip down the court. I managed to find K-Mart's release point which has helped a great deal and Kaman and Boozer can hold their own against most front courts, i say most because a couple of games the rebounding has been ugly.

I recommend Chase Budinger to just about anyone's team, he's just one of those swingmen with a easy to read jumpshot and can shoot from just about anywhere.

Only played one game with Stephen Jackson so far but he adds some firepower from what i can tell and also bumps my overall rating up a little, previously was 72
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