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Originally Posted by blinkbizk87
kemp was just so much more explosive, watch a highlight movie of kemp and then watch a highlight movie of amare, and tell me whos sicker, and be truthfull, watch a real video, here ill even give u two links to two of kemps highlight videos....

I'm taking Amare and I made the premier Kemp video (expiredpineapples) that you posted a link to.

If the argument was for next season would I take a prime Kemp or a Amare coming off an entired missed season, I would probably take a prime Kemp but if the argument is prime Kemp or Amare for the future or just Kemp as a rookie and Amare as a rookie for the next 10 years then i'm taking Amare without a doubt.

Kemp did so much on defense too...amare has a way to go
I've been more impressed with a few defensive games by Amare (including a rookie game that I saw in person against the Rockets but I do believe he has a lot to learn about playing man-to-man defense) then I have with Kemp. I think stat people are looking at these highlight videos I've made and thinking that it was a norm. Look at Darrell Armstrong, I wouldn't call him a great shot blocker but his top 10 blocks are probably more exciting than David Robinson, Mark Eaton, and Ewing's combined.

There's nothing sillier than rooting for old school players just on principle and in order to gain "old school reputation".

kemp had to face, shaq, d-rob, hakeem, rodman, ewing, mourning, malone, mutumbo, larry johnson, barkley, and so on.
Shaq - are you kidding me? Shaq had a history of tearing up the Kemp sonics as Kemp usually struggled and check my Shaq vid and you will see a nice block where Shaq catches a Kemp hook. He didn't have to play most of the top centers often. They had players like Ervin Johnson and Perkins for that. Nothing stands out about his matchups with LJ but LJ wasn't much of a defender and he was busy becoming a 3pt specialist when Kemp was in his prime.

Amare has a very nice jumpshot. It's become obvious to me that you have not watched him much.

seattle played this thing called Defense
In the mid 90s they did but I would say that players like Payton, Mcmillian, Gill were the defenders on a defensive minded team while Kemp got a lot of credit b/c he had Sportscenter blocks. Too bad ESPN didn't care to show how many fouls he would rack up.

why the crap did you capitalize WESTERN CONFERENCE? In Jordan's era, mid 90's it wasn't like the western conference was considered the better conference
I AGREE and how many of those was he voted on by the same fans that would vote Penny over Tim Hardaway

One of my favorite plays of all time happened when Kemp took a rebound (I forget against what team), and went coast to coast, dribbling like a guard all around people, finishing with a hellacious slam in the lane. It was an awesome display of his all-around skills
That was nice and almost as nice were the countless times I've seen Amare run the floor and even make cross-overs before finishing with a dunk. What wasn't so smooth about Kemps ball handling and all-around skills were the weeks at a time where he would average 5 turnovers a game and he's even had streaks of 3 or 4 games where he would turn the ball over 7 times a game. I dropped him two years in a row in the mid 90s on my fantasy team b/c I had points deducted for fouls and tos and he was a leader in both.

Kemp could easily have averaged closer to 30ppg, had he been called upon to do so. However the Seattle offense with Payton, Detlef Schrempf, Sam Perkins, and Hersey Hawkins - all established scorers - was a lot more diversified and didn't rely on him as much as Phoenix did Amare.
I don't think Kemp could of ever avg 30pts on a decent team and Perkins and Hawkins, even Schrempf, were way past thier prime during Kemp's prime and their offense was a let Payton create and whoever gets hot gets the most shots offense.

Last thing for the stat people about Kemp's scoring vs Amare. I always said that I would take Shaq's offensive game over Hakeem's "gracefull" offensive game anyday b/c of the points avg and the fg%. Who cares how pretty a shot is if you can't make it as often as another type of shot? For a couple of years, Kemp was able to hit in the mid 50s in % but I believe Amare can consistently do that while scoring 8 more points.

Last thing for the stat people about Amare's rebounding - he plays with Shawn Marion.
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