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Amare is much better. His team is much better and he is a better player.

Scoring is a HUGE advantage. Amare averages 19 compared to Camby's 12 . . . despite the fact that Camby averages more minutes then Amare.

Amare's assist numbers aren't nearly as good as Camby's because he has the best passing PG and one of the best passing F in the game on his team. When he gets the ball, it's his job to score, not kick it out to Melo.

Once again he gets less TOs because his role in the offense is almost non existant. He has almost no offensive game to speak of.

He gets a slight edge in blocks (averages 1 more a game then Amare) and an edge in rebounds (although Amare is at a solid 9 rebounds in only 30 minutes).

Breaking their games down like you did I could say Caron Butler > Kobe, because Caron does a lot things better then Kobe, but they are small things like rebounding the ball and stealing.

Bottom line is Camby averages 7 less points in more minutes and the game is about scoring. 12 points per game and 12 rebounds a game isn't all-star numbers unless your team is really good or you anchor an amazing defense. Camby is on the worst defensive team in the entire league, so that's a no.

Oh an also . . . Amare shoots 60% from the field, Camby 47%.
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