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Originally Posted by el_locoteee
Amare > Camby (On a team with AI and Melo)

Only one game with Melo and AI together

And Amare is on a team with Nash, Barbosa, Marion, Bell,

Camby > Amare

Amare on a team with Marion

7th out of west big men in scoring (3rd out of centers)

In centers

Yao - Gasol - Duncan - Amare- Okur - M. Blount > #7 Camby

In big men

Yao, Gasol, Duncan, Amare, Okur, Blount, Marion, Dirk, Randolph, Garnett, Brand, Odom, Wilcox, H. Warrick > #15 Camby

LMFAO!!!!!! That was the funniest post I've read in YEARS. How the fuck is Okur, Blount, Marion, Odom, Wilcox and Warrick better then Camby? Go watch a ****ing game, take away Camby and the Nuggets are SHIT . . . take away Amare, well we know what Nash did. Take away Nash and Suns ain't shit.
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