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Originally Posted by qrich
I'm no Memphis fan but your acting as if +6.5 points per game are huge in 3 minutes more when Amare is a top option on the Suns while Camby is the 4th/5th option on the Nuggets. Not to mention Camby gets +2 dimes, which can equal up to 6 points[two treys], making the differential in points at only .5, then add in Camby's + 1 block, taking away 2 points, which makes him more effective on the score sheet. Try again, I swear, I thought Laker fans were bad, Suns fans are surpassing them FAST. Sure your winning and that's good, but to say a scorer > an all around player that can score is like saying Jamal Crawford > Bruce Bowen.

are you kidding me...your logic do know that the only stats you took from amare were points but you added in cambys points,blocks,assists...get the hell out of here with that logic....the suns also have a very balanced team so they are not looking to amare all the time
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