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Originally Posted by qrich
Can you read? My logic sucks, talk about your own. 'Scoring determines who's better'. That's the stupidest sh!t ever. I didn't bring in Amare's blocks, points and assists? Then why the hell did I put "Camby gets +2 dimes" and "Camby gets +1 block"? Think about it, and before you talk crap, make sure you know what to say. I swear, Suns fans are starting to slowly surpass Laker fans in homerism.

im sorry i misread your mumbo jumbo **** logic....its still the worst way to analyze players stats

oh and here are some of amares and cambys shooting stats from everything not under the basket

camby 60/161 37.2%
amare 50/134 37.3%

oh and heres their ft% since cambys range is so much better than amares

camby 70.7%
amare 77.9%

so amare actually has better range than camby i must say...weird...camby is nowhere near as good as amare on the offensive end if he doesnt even have better range than camby
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