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This year I'd rate them as almost equal, Camby probably has a little edge. Remember that just going on ESPN and looking up Amare's stats don't tell the whole story, he started this year horribly but in the last 2 months he's putting up 20-10.

Amare is a better offensive player in every aspect of the game, he has more range, is quicker, more explosive, finishes better, draws more fouls, converts more FTs, has better moves in the post. Camby gets a few more assists, Amare has the ability to pass he just doesn't utilize it.

Camby is a much better help-side defender, but man-on-man he's always been a little too skinny for his position. Amare's always been a little too dumb for his position, but is playing smarter defense then ever, so it balances out.

Camby's is a better rebounder, but not as much as people believe. They get the same amount of offensive rebounds, the entire difference is on the defensive rebounding end, and Camby's numbers there are partially explained by the Nuggets system. Melo+Smith+other perimeter guys all rush down towards the opposite basket after every miss for the fast-break, Camby doesn't compete much with his teammates for rebounds except when Evans plays.

Of course if(when) Amare regains form and once more puts up 26 to Camby's 12 this isn't even a discussion. You can build a WCF team around Amare as the #1 option; you can only build a defense around Camby. Amare's 24, Camby's 32, etc, etc.
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