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Originally Posted by Zombles
good timing, that helps illustrate my point of their man-to-man D being similiar.

I think you're off on this one Zombles. Amare has a clear edge in my mind. Camby is constantly being torn up defensively and is highly overrated just because he grabs rebounds and blocks shots.

Amare on the other hand, hardly ever gets beaten. His defense is about 30% better then it was even in his 26 and 9 days.

But since this thread started talking about their all-star status, I have a serious question for everyone on the Camby side of the argument:

If you were picking for the all-star game, would you choose the defensive anchor on the WORST defensive team in the league.


Would you take the #1 offensive option on the best scoring team in the league?

Answer honestly please.
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