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Originally Posted by statman32
oh and if the nuggets defense is so good while camby is in the game why does denver give up 107.3 pts per 100 possesions when hes in but they give up only 103 pts per 100 possesions when hes out

btw when amare is in the game the suns give up 103.8 pts per 100 possesions and when hes out they give up 107.3 pts per 100 posessions

and btw me showing there ft% and shots outside of under the basket were not to show his better range really...just to show that he is a better shooter

Exactly. Camby's defense is so overrated it's not even funny.

Everyone drools over his 17/17/3 and 3 blks, but forgets that Pau Gasol, fresh off an injury, put up 23/17/6/2 on 50% + FG.
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