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1. Location.- South Los Angeles
2. Favorite Current Clipper.- Shaun Livingston, Sam Cassell, Elton Brand
3. Favorite Former Clipper.- QRich, D-Miles, Keyon Dooling, Earl Boykins, Darrick Martin, Mikki Moore, Matt Barnes, Bobby Simmons, Rick Brunson, Chris Wilcox, Eric Piatkowski, Loy Vaught, Malik Sealy, Pooh Richardson, "Hollywood" James Robinson, Keith Closs, Wang Zhi Zhi, Cherokee Parks
4. Anything else about yourself you want to offer.-
5. Do you go to games?.- all the time, tix from my scalpers in downtown
6. Movies.- coach carter, he got game, gridiron gang, any basketball documentary, comedy, horror
7. TV.- mtv tres, espn
8. Music.-hip hop
9. Favorite artists.- common, the game, kanye west, jayz, nas, mos def, blackstar, tupac, biggie
10. Other Favorite Teams[Other Sports]- dodgers, saints
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