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Default Re: Nets 2010-2011 Season Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by It's A VC3!!!
In theory if the Nets can beat most or all of the "bad teams" and snag a few wins of "good" teams, we can get to like 45 wins. But that's looking ahead, and I am very excited to see the Nets 2-0, but the Nets should play with fire throughout the entire game, there are a lot of stretches where they let down and just stop producing.
Yea it's our bench from the looks of it. Twill is always penetrating but he never goes to finish hard or pull up. If that guy had a jumpshot...holy shit... he would get it off whenever because he can get by anyone (at least the past two nights i've seen). But instead of shooting these open jumpers he tries to hard to find guys in the paint and ends up with a lot of TOs. Farmar makes some bonehead plays too but he is always good for a clutch three and good defense.

When Harris and Brook are out there, however, it's a whole different story. Harris is so quick he can get by people at will especially with some nice picks and he, unlike twill, can and will stick the jumper when it's there. He'll also find our spot up guys (morrow, outlaw, farmar) everytime and he threw a few nice passes to brook for easy buckets. And lopez was pretty much automatic against the kings' big men last night. Four or five backdown dribbles, get in the middle of the paint, give the defender a bump with the body and shoot it. He got so many points doing that last night and like 2 or 3 and-1s. I just want to see how he plays against teams with good big men now.

Overall, we just need to get the bench to do better(25+ turnovers and like 10 down a stretch that brought the kings back from a double digit point deficit!) and keep lopez out of foul trouble. That is what let them back in the game yesterday when we were blowing them out for the first 30 minutes.
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