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Default Re: Anyone Excited for BlackOps?

Originally Posted by Kobe8
STFU nancy, You and pete need to get off burger king and find another fast food place... i'll even bet that you connect to a wireless internet off BK.

Your Pathetic dawg.

@Step_back , If you already got a ps3, then why would yu buy an xbox ..

Just buy it for ps3 , I just dont get it.

I dont eat at Burker King. Havent in years. Really dont eat at fast food places. So I'm lost on this whole Burger King bit. Then again you are a proven moron so that would explain everything.

He already said in his post he doesnt rate PSN highly which is why he is unsure he will buy it for Ps3. Call of Duty memo to the moron, memo to the moron is a multiplayer game for the most part. So if he doesnt rate the online gaming for ps3 highly and is thinking about purchasing an xbox 360 for xmas. Why wouldnt he just wait until xmas to get COD Black Ops when he gets 360? Why does anyone need to explain this to you? You dont need all this text and breakdown when what he said was pretty clear.

But again you're a moron so that explains everything. Same moron who put a video game on layaway because he didnt think he would have enough money to enjoy Disney World.

"I didnt know if I'd have enough to buy ice cream, a t shirt saying I was here and the mickey mouse ears! So I put the game on lawaway rather than spend all my money."

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