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Originally Posted by Wuxia
Yao's offense is totally different than Amares. Yao is able to create his own and for others. All you have to do is give it to him either in the low or high post and he will score or dish it off to someone in position to score. Amare in the other hand needs to be fed the ball in scoring position in order to score. He can't create for others, he's a terrible passer, and he can only score within 3 feet of the rim. This is noted by another Suns' fan as Amare only shoots 37% FG on his jumpers.

Comparing Amare to Yao is like comparing Marion to Duncan. Their numbers might be similar but their impact is no where close.

This is false.In that series a few years ago against the Spurs/Duncan he was taking Duncan 1 on 1 with a combination of strong power moves and 10-15 foot jumpers and Nash was not even involved on these baskets.It was all Amare.
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