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Originally Posted by in awe
I thought you meant Shaq never had better numbers in those categories in a single season. But now I see....that your a ****in retard to post such an idiotic example.

Well if I'm ****in retard for using your logic of comparing Center for RBD, ASSY, BLK, and T.O. to determing who is the best, them whats left for you.

Using your logic will make Miller better than AI.

Using your logic will make Mutombo better than Shaq.

Using your logic will make Rodman better than Malone.

So dont call me the same way everybody in this board call you, a "****in retard" thats your title, you deserve it, you have really work hard to earn the "****in retard" title.

20-10 player (Superstar)
12-12 player (A good role Player)

Amare (Superstar)
Camby (Good Roll player)

Superstars go to the All-Star Game.

Good Roll Players go to the GoodRoll Players Game. lol
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