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Originally Posted by franchize
Our problem is inconsistency.Marbury is gettin older but he still is one of the most conditioned guys in the league. We need a speedy claxton or ty lue type backup for relief and get rid of Nate. I think the suspension and his return proved that he is worthless to this organization. He's a joke. A circus act. Enough is enough. We got Q back n he's playin solid ball. Curry is puttin up numbers but we need him to at least act like he's playing defense. Jeffries, Francis n Robinson are our biggest liabilities. They must go. We also need to calm Crawford down...but he's tolerable.

Just wanted to add, that Q is actually the number 1 ranked player in the NBA this past week. I know it's just fantasy stats, and how they rate them, and its based largely based on the fact that he's made 17 3's in the past week's games, but still, he's playing AMAZING.
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