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Default Re: The Walking Dead

Originally Posted by bagelred
Just watched it from DVR.

It was fantastic. Felt like a movie more than a TV show. Loved the visuals and the slow pace. I'm hooked. That last shot from above, with the tank and the horse, panning upwards, was awesome I thought.

And I don't even like the horror genre. But when I saw the reviews, I gave it a try. Glad I did.
That last shot, along with the view of his entering the city through the highway were very impressive. I love how they use a lot of CGI and special effects.. but they use it with a conscience. They respect the story making sure that we have sufficient details and then when gore and action is needed, they skillfully craft it. Very controlled in its direction. The pacing is very methodical. In certain parts it was slow for effect, but not at all boring..
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