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Bill Swerski
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Morrison can play off guard and small forward.

1, 4, and 5 are absolutely out of the question.

Unlike many on this board, I think Morrison, in the pros, will be better suited as a 2 guard, both offensively, and defensively, although, he will be able to guard SF's.

His game reminds me of Rip Hamilton/Reggie Miller, with Ray Allen's quickness/quick release, and good size to boot.

I was also amazed that he benched 3 more bench press reps tahn either Tyrus Thomas or Lamarcus Aldridge.

What he really needs to do to be the player he can be is very intensive ball handling work(not that his handles aren't good, he broke presses @ Gonzaga), and he must also do defensive slide drills until his hips and thighs are bruning.

\Oh, and Portland, or Golden State are his best fits

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