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Default Re: The Walking Dead

Originally Posted by Thorpesaurous
So it doesn't air again until this coming Friday night. I set it to record. But what the hell is AMC doing. They've got a show that could catch, but they have to know they're up against the HBO and even Showtime Sunday night lineups, and they're competing with Sunday Night Football and the World Series. They should be reairing this premier episode every night this week.

Today they have an hour and a half of infomercials, and then tonight they have two hours blocked off for Val Kilmer's Red Planet. This is a major part of why I never got into Mad Men, or Breaking Bad, or Rubicon. You gotta give me an opportunity to get hooked. I have serious compulsion issues, and I love good writing, but you gotta give me a chance. I'm their audience, and they can't seem to get me.

I think you said you didn't love Rubicon, but wanted to give it a chance. It's definitely slow but I think it really payed off in the end.

However, if there is a single show on TV right now that is absolute must-see-TV, It's Breaking Bad. It's got to be one of the greatest dramatic TV shows I've ever seen.
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